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Communication the art of being understood (English)


More than ever, open communication at work is mission critical to enhance the quality of our work and of our relationships. However, giving and receiving real-time feedback is quite a challenge for most of us. It does not help that we live in a rapidly changing, uncertain volatile world with infinite demands and finite time. Stress and work pressure create a difficult environment to cultivate conversations that matter. Maybe you often feel misunderstood? Or maybe you wait too long to share frustrations with a colleague. How do you communicate technical and complex messages to your peers in a clear and understandable way? How do you deliver a message that sticks? Can you develop a positive mindset and focus in order to go from stress to energy? And finally, how can you cope with resistance, ‘yes buts’ and difficult personalities? In this way you can increase your influence and power of persuasiveness towards colleagues, management and customers? This 2-day training will teach you skills for better communication and collaboration. New habits will lead to improved collaborations, relationships and the results you want to achieve. Knowing does not equal doing. Hence we build new habits that work for you specifically in your business.

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The concrete outcomes of this training are threefold:
-We help you to create the change you want to achieve and by offering you a toolbox for success in future change projects.
-You will be able to build strong social connections, trust and results with less effort in ways that work best for you.
-We look into your own cases and find realistic solutions to make an immediate positive impact in your daily work life.


-Team managers or HR employees that want to build an open feedback culture which boosts the productivity and quality of relationships; -Engineers and employees with technical job content that want to convey complex messages to peers and customers in a simple manner; -Employees that want to enhance their communicative skills and work on positive mindset habits.


‘Be the architect’
-Create a positive mindset and focus to be more influential. A positive brain is a productive brain.
-Constructive communication starts with a positive internal dialogue.
-Positive stress habits transform stress into energy.
-Emotional intelligence and mood management. How can you get the best out of yourself and others?
-How to create more empathy in a multicultural working environment

‘Communication basics’
-Installing a feedback culture: Which habits can you develop from your point-of-view?
-Listen to understand: Listening skills and observation habits that make the difference.
-Questioning techniques.

‘Increase you influence, start with yourself’
-Tailored communication to deal with varying personalities and challenging people made easy.
-Giving and receiving feedback in a way that works.
-Social intelligence to cope with resistance and yes-but.
-Having conversations that matter and delivering difficult messages.


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